Medicine Park's newest lodging

"In 1911, the Oklahoma Press Association had a statewide membership of five hundred. Senator Elmer Thomas, who was a member, donated land in exchange for ongoing publicity for his resort. By 1913, the association had formed a corporation and sold $10,000 in shares so they could build their Press Association Clubhouse in Medicine Park.   

The two-story building had a concrete foundation with cobblestones set into concrete support columns, finished with wood framing and a screened-in second floor with a roof top garden. The facility was opened April 24, 1916.  The ground floor was used as a common area for soicializing and the second floor was furnished with cots in sleeping areas with bedding. Lodging was available for members only.  Men slept on one side of the large open room, while women slept on the other.

In July 1930 the Press Association was having a difficult time funding its clubhouse and decided to sell it for $4,000. The association's directors "felt it had served its usefulness to the association." It was bought by the Hutchins family of Lawton who in turn leased it to Frank Wright.  He converted it into the Apache Inn, complete with an elegant dining area, and sleeping rooms. It remained as such until it burned down in 1940."

Today, The Plantation Inn is an inspired re-creation of the Oklahoma Press Association's Clubhouse built on the original cobblestone foundation by local area builder David McCoy for its owner Forest Ray.

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